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Since the founding of Trinity Christian School in 1981, parents and community partners have joined together to provide an education that served families and honored God. These people have given their time, money, and talents to build a school that now employs 65 faculty, educates 365 students, and serves Oahu as the only classical Christian school. Today, TCS continues to rely on the same vision and support as we seek to expand our services and sustain the school well into the future.

Everyone on the TCS board, faculty, and staff takes very seriously our responsibility as stewards of the resources we have been given. We operate the school as efficiently as possible, ensuring that every dollar given whether as tuition or as donation is spent for its maximum value.

TCS is a cost-based school, which means that tuition covers the full cost of the program. Therefore, donations received support the advancement of the school in meaningful ways. We solicit donations from individuals and organizations committed to advancing the vision of the school. All contributions are fully tax deductible.
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